Christian Women\'s Fellowship
CWF is planning visits to nursing homes in August and September. We are asking the men and women of our church if you knit or crochet, would you be willing to make shawls or lap blankets for the patients. CWF will collect whatever you’ve made during July. Please feel free to use whatever colors, combinations, and patterns appeal to you. We appreciate this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord in this unique and special way.
RPCC is now a Bread for the World covenant church. Bread for the World is a Christian organization that focuses on hunger issues. It offers a collective Christian voice urging our nation\'s leaders to end hunger. You will periodically get emails and other communications about important hunger issues being addressed in Washington. To learn more about Bread for the World, click on the title above.
Food Pantry
Our Pantry is part of Gateway Community Outreach, a crisis intervention program. Gateway provides food each week. Additional food is provided by individuals and by Royal Palm Christian Church. We distribute the food Thursdays 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. We fill bags of groceries for 30-40 families who have hit a difficult time in their lives.
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