Flocking Frenzy

flamingo-frenzy-at-the-fords-07222010-3The D-Unit Youth Group of RPCC is sponsoring a fundraiser. Support our youth and send a fun-loving friend a yard full of flamingos! Join us in this fun and send our flock to friends, neighbors, family, church members… and even your boss? Unsuspecting loved ones will walk out their front door and see PINK FLOCKING FLAMINGOS all over their yard!

Your support goes directly to our youth! and will be used for things like: sending youth to camp, helping supplement the cost of their activities, purchasing materials and supplies for events, and helping ministries that give right back to our community.

Check it out!

Our youth put together this advertisement/mannequin challenge to promote this opportunity!


Small Flock (12 flamingos) ~ $20
Medium Flock (24 flamingos) ~ $30
Large Flock (36 flamingos) ~ $40
SUPER-sized Flock (50 flamingos) ~ $50


Flocks will rest for 24-48 hours in each location before migrating to their new location.
*If you’ve already been flocked and would like to protect yourself from future migrations, you can purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance for $15.

To order a flocking call the Church Office at (954) 753-2383,
OR pick up an order form in the Narthex!



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