What Is Lent?

          Before we celebrate Easter, we prepare our hearts in Lent.  Starting with Ash Wednesday – February 25th this year – and for the next six weeks, we get ready to rejoice over the greatest event in history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We get ready through prayer, meditation, fasting (for some) and giving.  Lent is a time of self-examination and rededication.

          Sure the resurrection of Jesus is something that should always evoke our joy.  And every day is a good time for prayer, meditation and generosity.  But it can be helpful to have special times that are dedicated to specific purposes.  Lent is not “biblical” in any strict sense.  But it can be helpful if it is observed with a God-seeking heart.

          What can you do during Lent?  Here are a few possibilities.  (1) If you are not already doing so, designate a time each day to read a brief portion of scripture.  (2) Begin and end each day in prayer, giving thanks, seeking guidance, offering praise.  (3) Choose a worthy project and contribute your time.  (4) Write several cards each week to offer encouragement, thanks, and love to people you know.  (5) Give up a meal – or more – and contribute the money it would have cost to a charity or to church.

          Please plan to attend our Ash Wednesday service at the beginning of Lent and our Maundy Thursday service during the last week of Lent.  You will find that it makes Easter all the more joyful.

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  1. 1c9INCREDIBLE way to share the world with your sons and to teach them respect of the lives & befiels of other cultures (which can easily be found right here in America we transend acceptance of others through our unbiased sharing & through our unbiased sharing we transend acceptance of ourselves.) God bless you & yours. Have you thought of writing a book about this grand family adventure??

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