The Weekly Word – Spirituality

Spirituality is, according to a recent definition, “making a deliberate attempt to relate to the sacred.” Of course people consider different things sacred. For some nature is sacred, a gentle breeze, waves lapping the shore, a grove of trees. For others music is sacred, the harmony of voices and instruments that lift the spirit. For still others the flag is sacred and the heritage it represents. And our idea of what is sacred determines how we respond.
For the Christian, spirituality is not a vague and undefined thing. It is not centered on just anything we happen to cherish. Spirituality for the Christian is focused on Jesus. To be spiritual is to orient one’s life around the life of Jesus, to meditate on who he was and is, and follow what he taught. It is to seek to emulate him in action. Spirituality is not primarily an experience that we feel. It is the practice of following Jesus.
To be spiritual as a Christian is to have our Spirits in touch with the spirit of Christ which we believe is the spirit of Truth. His truth is not a Creed. It is God’s self​-​disclosure in this particular person. As we look to Jesus we see who God is for us​,​ and we seek who God wants us to be. We learn our purpose in life in the world is not to please ourselves but the find pleasure in doing God’s will as we serve others, particularly those in need.

Prayer is indispensable as we seek to be a spiritual people. As we pray we turn away from the pettiness that can consume our hearts and turn to the awesome greatness that is God. As we pray we learn how to depend upon God​,​
 and we draw on a strength that is not our own. As we pray we are reminded of how fleeting our lives are and how wondrous is​ the eternal. We need to encourage one another to focus on Jesus and prayerfully grow in him. He is the truth for us all, and he alone deserves our whole-hearted devotion.

Grace and Peace, 
Pastor Craig

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