The Weekly Word – Bringing Up Jesus

Years ago my daughter was having a problem treating a friend as kindly as she should have done. A dispute over how to play some game led to hurt feelings and an unfortunate exchange of words. That evening I talked to her about the incident. At one point in the conversation I asked my daughter what she thought Jesus would have done. She was indignant. “We’re not talking about Jesus now, Daddy!” she declared.
In a church I served many years ago the board chairman was involved in a somewhat heated discussion. He was adamant in his stand on a certain issue. He felt that his idea of patriotism was being challenged by someone else. I will always remember his response to the person who differed with him. In an unguarded moment he blared, “There are some things about which Jesus Christ himself couldn’t get me to change my mind!”
Some years ago a Christian author told me of a conversation he had with a fellow who sat next to him on an airplane flight. The man was a Texan in the oil business. He revealed that he was deeply involved in his church. It so happened that the presidential primary elections were to be held soon. When talking about how he intended to vote, the man stated, “Above all, I’ll vote for oil!” The Christian author asked, “What does that have to do with Jesus?”
It seems that despite our claims to have faith, faithful actions do not always follow. We have other interests and values that too often supersede our loyalty to Jesus Christ. Usually we are not deliberate or self-conscious about allowing this to happen. Nevertheless, it happens. Maybe the best cure for our faltering faithfulness is to keep on bringing up Jesus at the most inconvenient and annoying times.
Grace & Peace,
​Pastor Craig​

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