The Weekly Word – Getting Unstuck


In the movie “Gold” geologist Michael Acosta tells how he discovered the location for the largest copper mine in the world. Because of this discovery he became famous for his expert ability. But it turns out that his so-called “expert ability” actually had nothing to do with his knowledge or skills. He wasn’t even looking for copper but for another mineral. And he wasn’t in the location his research and exploration indicated would be the best spot to dig.

Instead he was traveling to the location he had selected when his truck got stuck in the mud during the rainy season in Indonesia. He couldn’t get his vehicle unstuck no matter how hard he tried. So in frustration he told his investors that the place where he was stuck w​as the best location for the mine. And when they started digging they found a huge vein of copper. The discovery had nothing to do with his intelligence and hard work. It was simply a result of being stuck and doing something instead of just giving up.

We could call the outcome a matter of luck. Or we could call it divine providence. Either way, something good unexpectedly happened. There are a lot of ways to be struck. We can be struck in traffic. We can be stuck in relationships. We can be stuck in jobs. The list goes on. And when we are stuck we may begin to feel hopeless. We may choose to do pretty much nothing. Or we can do something. It might not be what you planned to do. But if we do nothing we can be certain that nothing will change. We’ll just continue being stuck.

Our carefully devised plans don’t always work out. It is frustrating. However, to use words you have no doubt heard before, “Don’t just stand there! Do something!” As Christians we don’t always know what to do. There can be dilemmas that leave us stuck, immobilize​d, uncertain. But we need to get digging wherever we are​,​ and we need to get digging with loving service in whatever ways we possibly can. We will be amazed with what that can lead to.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Craig

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