Easter Means…

Most of us get excited about Easter. Recently Paul Veliyathil, chair for the Elders, challenged the Elders to answer the following question in one sentence: What does Easter mean to me? We share their answers here.

  • Bill Vasquez: Aside from the resurrection and its meaning, Easter means a renewed opportunity to reflect on one’s relationship with God and the purpose of one’s life.
  • Paul Veliyathil: For me, Resurrection means that Jesus of Nazareth is alive today, within me as Holy Spirit and beside me as ya’ll.
  • Sybil Campbell: Easter is an occasion which reaffirms God’s love for me.
  • Jennifer Bramley: Easter means joy because an eternity awaits us through Jesus’ resurrection.
  • David Bramley: Easter means that He is risen, He is Risen indeed!
  • Ingrid Chung: Easter is a time of reflection, renewal and hope, and a time that reveals God’s plan unfolding rapidly before our eyes.
  • Billie Abell: Life!
  • Alice Price: Easter is the joyful celebration of Christ’s resurrection bringing with it an acknowledgement that life is filled with endless hope.

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