Interim Minister

Exciting News!

We joyfully share the news that our brother in Christ, Paul Veliyathil, has been approved by the Board to serve as our Interim Minister. While he has been a part of our RPCC family for sixteen years, our search committee did not just automatically select him. They met, prayed, met, prayed and had discussion, met, reviewed 27 other resumes, and prayed some more over a three month period. And then, after all that, they realized that the right person was right in front of us.

Paul began his term as our Interim Minister on Sunday, September 16th. We ask for your prayerful support as he begins walking with us through this time of transition. We also ask for your continued prayers for the Search Team as they begin to change focus to do the work set before them. This will not happen overnight, and there will be many opportunities for discussion as we engage in this process in the coming months.

About Pastor Paul

Priest • Author • Speaker • Psychotherapist • Hospice Chaplain

Dr. Paul Veliyathil is a citizen of India by birth, a citizen of the United States by choice, and a citizen of the world at heart. His cosmic identity makes him uniquely qualified to speak to the rich diversity that humanity finds itself in today, and help us navigate the intricate issues and challenges that we face.

Paul’s doctoral studies in theology at the University of Toronto, Canada, convinced him that a meaningful integration of sociology has to have a relevant underpinning of theology. Paul is a Licensed Psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in counseling from Loyola University in Baltimore, which enables him to work with individuals of all backgrounds in both clinical and professional settings.

As a keen observer of life, Paul believes that humanity at large is sleepwalking through life, being only half awake to its possibilities and potentials. Through his workshops, retreats, preaching, counseling, conducting ceremonies-baptisms, weddings, funerals, memorials, he helps individuals and groups to consciously unlearn what they may have learned unconsciously about religion, culture and life itself to guide them towards a planetary consciousness which is an antidote for much that assails us today.

Sunday Sermons

We’ve made transcripts of each Sunday’s message available online! We encourage you to check them out and share HERE.

Sermon Series

Throughout the beginning of 2019 Pastor Paul will be preaching on a series of messages with different themes pertaining to discipleship. You can find the text from the series through the link above, and you can also see major themes and quotes below!

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