Pastor Craig’s Corner

Craig WattsRev. Dr. Craig M. Watts was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended college at the University of Michigan where he directed a campus ministry. Craig earned his Master’s of Divinity and his Master’s of Science in Human Development Counseling at Vanderbilt University. Craig earned his Doctorate of Ministry at Boston University. He was ordained as a Christian Church (DOC) minister in 1980. He served churches in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Kentucky prior to his move to Coral Springs, FL in 2000.

Preaching, teaching, and compassionate outreach are the cornerstones of Craig’s ministry. Of these, preaching is his central passion and purpose. He is dedicated to offering meaningful and useful sermons to teach and to witness. Several dozen of his sermons have been published in leading professional journals for ministers and in several resource books. Further he has had numerous essays published in religious magazines and academic journals, and he has had two books published, Disciples of Peace (Indianapolis: Doulous Christou Press, 2005) and Bowing Toward Babylon (WIPF and STOCK Publishers, 2017).

In addition to caring for the needs of his congregation, Craig endeavors to be involved in various community ministries including a number of ecumenical events throughout the year. He is a strong advocate for peace and justice. Most recently he has spent a great deal of time fighting against laws that detrimentally impact the homeless that have been put into effect in Ft Lauderdale and regularly participates in feedings that take place downtown. He has served on the board of the Disciples Peace Fellowship, the oldest denominationally related peace organization in America, for many years, and he regularly contributes to the Shalom Vision blog on their website.

The Weekly Word – Frustration

Frustration is an unavoidable part of human life. In our far from perfect world, the only way a person can entirely avoid frustration would be to live without hopes and aspirations. But such a life hardly seems worth living. As long as we have plans for the future and goals that we want to attain, frustrations are bound to show their ugly head from time to time.

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The Weekly Word – The Better Good Samaritan

It is good to help victims of misfortune. But it is not good enough to only help victims without also working to change the situation that creates victims. Helping victims is direct service. Working to change the situation that creates victims is political action. Both are necessary if we are going to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” as Jesus commands us to do (Mark 12:31).

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The Weekly Word – A Name For Encourgement

The great German Enlightenment intellectual Goethe once said, “Correction does much, but encouragement does more.” Most of us know this from experience. A word of encouragement lifts our spirits and impels us to do more good. “Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual of building” (Romans 14:19). To be known as a congregation of encouragers would certainly be a reputation for us as individuals and as a church to cherish.

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The Weekly Word – After the Storm

As we remove downed branches and clean up debris we look forward to getting back to life as normal. The times of uncertainty and chaos remind us that there is much we cannot control. We sometimes forget that safety and security in this world is never guaranteed. Nevertheless, because we trust the God who raised Jesus from the dead, we have hope regardless of the difficulties we face.

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