Worship is at the core of all that happens at Royal Palm Christian Church. In worship we join our hearts, minds and voices to offer thanks and praise to the God revealed in Jesus Christ. In worship we celebrate who God is and what God has done for us and for the salvation of the world. In worship we don’t applaud ourselves – our nation, race, gender, accomplishments. Rather we transcend such things, giving all honor to the God who loves the world and who wants all people to be “one new humanity” (Ephesians 2:15) who are welcome to commune with Christ at the Lord’s Table.


We offer two services on Sunday mornings:

    • 30566575455_1824593058_o8:30am: Our early service is a more personal worship experience, traditional in both style and music. Live music, classic hymns, and contemplative prayer are central to the theme.







  • 10:45am: Our second service is more contemporary, overtly joyful and casual in style. Live music is combined with  progressive elements to facilitate a meaningful worship experience.







The Lord’s Supper is offered each week at both services. All who desire to participate are welcome. There is a Sunday morning Bible Study that meets each week (between the services) at 9:40am. Also, we invite all who are interested to join us for a brief coffee fellowship following our 10:45am service.

We also offer a Children’s Church during our 10:45am service on the first and third Sundays of every month. Youth spend the first part of worship with the congregation, then they are invited to join a group of their peers where they can enjoy youth-targeted messages, curriculum-reinforcing games, and other fun activities.

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